‘SAINT MOMICA’ | STRUGGLExodus out of Christian Fundamentalism A | tHE tANK wOODARD bLOG/sHOW [5/7] • FULL VERSION: 1:21:07


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“The story goes that it took an entire generation in the wilderness before the ancient Hebrews entered into their Promised Land. Many in the older generation preferred the comfort of slavery over the fear of freedom. It’s not an easy escape to be sure. It took me about 15 years to finally enter into what I consider to be the only sane understanding of the religion founded by the Nazarene, and famously enlarged within the Gentile world by his former enemy, the Hebrew scrapper from Tarsus.” — tANK


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Tank Woodard

Tank Woodard

I'm a former Christian fundamentalist pastor (I did that for five years). I now consider myself an independent free thinker who believes Jesus of Nazareth was the real deal. But there are so many problems with the American mainstream Christian worldview that I cannot remain silent. That's the driving force behind why I do my blog/show. I hope some of my fellow Christians will be saved from believing Xian Fundie Lies.