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 First blog post and continuation of seventh video of YouTube Series:  TW ECLIPSE 717 

“When I was a Xian Fundie Pastor for just over half a decade, many moons ago (I quit about 15 years ago now), I thought very highly of Chuck Smith (I’d never heard of Lonnie Frisbee, of course). I looked up to the many Calvary Chapel associated pastors, like Greg Laurie, Raul Ries, Jeff Johnson, et al. The same is true for similar Xian Fundies like Hal Lindsdey, John MacArthur, James White, et al. Needless to say, I see them through a much more powerful telescope now (hat tip to Galileo for the perfect analogy).

After discovering and following critical scholarship and genuine Christian Evidentialism for about fifteen years, I can now see these genuine charlatans up close in ways I couldn’t before. From the viewpoint of serious Christian Evidentialism, these men are all anti-truth Presuppositional Fundie wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Personally, I have no doubt in my mind that this is in fact true, no matter how uncomfortable it may be to face this ugly reality. These men are verified fools according to multiple streams of hard evidence. They are blind leaders who millions of American Christians follow into the various pits of Fundie Lies, which are LEGION.

This is a video blog (“vlog”). If you want to know why I’m saying these things, I recommend watching the seven video YouTube series TW ECLIPSE 717′ ( I also recommend viewing the various videos consistently being added to this blog (The Tank Woodard Blog). If you’re a TW RED PILL MEMBER™, feel free to challenge what I’m saying in the comments. I’m more than ready and willing to defend my Xian [SELF] EVIDENT-ialism against anyone’s particular deluded version of Xian Funda-MENTAL-ism.”  — tANK

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