BLOG PILOT: FULL VERSION [19:57] *2nd part of 7th video of YouTube Series: TW ECLIPSE 717


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 First blog post and continuation of seventh video of YouTube Series:  TW ECLIPSE 717 

“When I was a Xian Fundie Pastor for just over half a decade, many moons ago (I quit about 15 years ago now), I thought very highly of Chuck Smith (I’d never heard of Lonnie Frisbee, of course). I looked up to the many Calvary Chapel associated pastors, like Greg Laurie, Raul Ries, Jeff Johnson, et al. The same is true for similar Xian Fundies like Hal Lindsdey, John MacArthur, James White, et al. Needless to say, I see them through a much more powerful telescope now (hat tip to Galileo for the perfect analogy).

After discovering and following critical scholarship and genuine Christian Evidentialism for about fifteen years, I can now see these genuine charlatans up close in ways I couldn’t before. From the viewpoint of serious Christian Evidentialism, these men are all anti-truth Presuppositional Fundie wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Personally, I have no doubt in my mind that this is in fact true, no matter how uncomfortable it may be to face this ugly reality. These men are verified fools according to multiple streams of hard evidence. They are blind leaders who millions of American Christians follow into the various pits of Fundie Lies, which are LEGION.

This is a video blog (“vlog”). If you want to know why I’m saying these things, I recommend watching the seven video YouTube series TW ECLIPSE 717′ ( I also recommend viewing the various videos consistently being added to this blog (The Tank Woodard Blog). If you’re a TW RED PILL MEMBER™, feel free to challenge what I’m saying in the comments. I’m more than ready and willing to defend my Xian [SELF] EVIDENT-ialism against anyone’s particular deluded version of Xian Funda-MENTAL-ism.”  — tANK

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Tank Woodard

Tank Woodard

I'm a former Christian fundamentalist pastor (I did that for five years). I now consider myself an independent free thinker who believes Jesus of Nazareth was the real deal. But there are so many problems with the American mainstream Christian worldview that I cannot remain silent. That's the driving force behind why I do my blog/show. I hope some of my fellow Christians will be saved from believing Xian Fundie Lies.

12 thoughts to “BLOG PILOT: FULL VERSION [19:57] *2nd part of 7th video of YouTube Series: TW ECLIPSE 717”

  1. Do you know of other verses in the New Testament besides the serpent verse that aren’t legit to the Bible? If so that leaves the Bible being inerrant in question.

    1. There are many places where manuscripts vary, but usually they are not consequential to the meaning in any sense (spelling differences, etc.). But there are some passages that are not original that are especially important, because the meaning of the text actually is affected by the spurious scribal additions. Among these I’d say the top three are probably:

      1) The long ending of Mark (Mark 16:9-20) *This is where the “serpent verse” is located.

      2) The “Pericope Adulterae” (John 7:53-8:11) *This is the story of the woman caught in adultery.

      3) The “Comma Johanneum” or “Johannine Comma” (1 John 5:7) *This is the strongest trinitarian verse.

      None of these passages are original to the gospels/epistle they’re now found in. Most good modern English translations will bracket these passages so that the reader knows these are not original passages, and therefore it’s a bad idea to use them to justify strange ideas like holding rattlesnakes in church for no good reason.

      In regards to inerrancy, this is a bit complicated when considering the likes of B. B. Warfield, but whatever the case, most Xian Fundies admit to what the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy says, which is only the original biblical manuscripts were inerrant. Since it’s a fact that no original biblical manuscripts exist, the concept of biblical inerrancy (as Fundies understand it) is only a hypothetical inerrancy.

      While they don’t notice it often, the Fundie view of a hypothetical inerrancy (of non-existent original biblical manuscripts), actually illustrates that fact that all existing biblical manuscripts are *errant*. —TW

      1. How do we know for sure when dinosaurs lived and when man lived? Aren’t there catastrophic events that happened throughout the history of earth that would throw off accurate dating?

        1. The geological record (radiometric dating) is the strongest evidence I’d say. But this is not limited to one element into another. It’s multiple elements into others. You can look at Uranium 238 into Lead 206, Potassium 40 into Argon 40, etc. It’s not just C-14 as many Fundies seem to think (and most have no idea how C-14 dating really works). But even C-14 shows an earth considerably older than a mere 10,000 years or less.

          Earthly Catastrophic events, which have happened throughout the history of our earth, have little to do with when dinosaurs lived in my view. Terrestrial Catastrophes actually show the great vintage of the earth.

          What’s more, we have meteorites from space that suffered no earthly catastrophic erosion, and yet they too consistently affirm the age of the earth as being something like 4.5 billion years old. There are more advanced answers that real scientists like Francis Collins can give as well. But it’s not too complicated really. If one can understand the concept of counting tree rings to figure out the age of a tree, then figuring out the age of the earth is a breeze (unless you have presupposed theological reasons that don’t allow you to think freely about the evidence).

          The takeaway is simple. There is no credible evidence, found so far, that indicates dinosaurs and humans coexisted. So all of archeology, geology, genetics, nuclear physics beyond basic radiometric dating (e.g. extinct radionuclides, meaning only long lasting isotopes still exist because the short lived ones “died” billions of years ago—if the earth was young these radionuclides would still be detectable). I will not say too much as I’m not an authority on science, although I’ve read many (atheists and theists) who are very much authorities on all things scientific.

          I will mention one more piece of evidence that gives a general sense for how accurate our modern tools really are. In 79 AD the Italian Mount called Vesuvius famously erupted. Since we know when that happened in history, science can test ash from this event in order to calculate when it happened. When this ash is tested, the radiometric dating matches the date in history that we know. There are real ways to test and verify that these dating methods for determining the age of our universe and earth are in fact very accurate (contrary to what blind fools like Greg Laurie and Ray Comfort tell you with pretended divine authority).

          So there are all kinds of methods, and they’re all independent of each other. I didn’t even mention the speed of light because it more applies to the age of the universe and earth, as opposed to whether or not dinos lived contemporaneously with humans. Although, it’s all connected really. The speed of light and the conservation of energy (E=MC2) are also connected in reality. The evidence is clear; Fundies are blind fools who blame their lies on God, Jesus and the Bible. To Gehenna with them!

          1. Thank you for your answer. That helps to clarify things. I liked the part about dated the volcano. Also the rings on the tree.

    1. I’ll answer this question with another question: Why do Xian Fundies believe it is literal? Going back to the 1st century CE, we can find Jewish scholars like Philo of Alexandria writing that the creation story of Genesis should not be taken literally. This is interesting because Alexandria was one of the true hubs for advanced learning in the ancient world.

      What’s more, Genesis was written by ancient Jewish scholars. So it’s worth noting that during the time that Jesus of Nazareth was living in Roman (not Arab) Palestine, some of the most educated Jews (Jesus was Jewish, remember) did not insist upon a literal understanding of Genesis. From a Christian Evidentialist’s point of view, no one can know for sure what Jesus and his earliest learners (disciples) believed exactly on this issue. Nevertheless, there’s conclusive historical proof that some very influential Jewish thinkers like Philo understood the creation stories of Genesis as being basically figurative in nature. When you study Genesis it’s clear there are two different sources for the two different creation accounts. These actually contradict each other if one takes them literally. It’s highly unlikely the ancient Hebrew scholars and theologians understood these accounts literally, since they must have been the ones who placed the two contradictory accounts right next to each other.

      Additionally, leading free thinking Xians, as well as leading traditionalist Xians, who collectively built the entire body of Christian theology for the first 400+ years of the Christian religion, also did not react positively to low information Christians who insisted upon a literal interpretation of Genesis’ creation account(s). We can see this very clearly in some passages written by both Origen (religiously liberal) and Augustine (religiously conservative). Whatever the case, there’s certainly no biblical mandate to understand Genesis as requiring a wooden literalistic interpretation. Instead, it’s much safer to study Genesis using evidence-based biblical exegesis (i.e. interpreting the Bible using critical scholarship). When this is done, it becomes clear that a figurative interpretation of Genesis is the only sane interpretation of Genesis.

      Therefore, since there’s no good biblical reason to take Genesis literally, that means there’s *literally* no good reason to believe the creation stories found in Genesis ought to be taken literally. No one could possibly come up with the idea of a young earth created in six literal days no more than ten thousand years ago by looking objectively at the evidence. I don’t just mean the historical evidence on how Genesis has been understood for millennia, but also the scientific evidence we now have available to us that was obviously not available to anyone as recently as a century ago. Not one branch of the hard sciences, from biology to geology to astronomy to all the rest; not one of these allow for such obvious nonsense like a young earth being created a mere six to ten thousand years ago. In fact, the Xian Fundies who have PhDs actually admit the science is against their view. Francis Collins points this out in at least one of his books.

      These strange and educated Xian Fundies are plainly admitting they’re calculating how long ago the earth was created, not based on science, but based on their absurd view of the Bible. So again, I answer your question with another question: Why do Xian Fundies think the creation story is literal?

      The answer is clear and alarming; these people believe they have divine authority to just create their own “truth” in their mind. They then follow their lies boldly and without concern for the actual truth being mocked by their idiocy and blindness to the actual truth. The truth is never mocked in the end. The self-evident truth will ultimately have the last laugh. These Xian Fundies will end up being mocked by the truth at some point. Everyone bows down to the truth in the end. They may fight the truth with all of their might, but their might is worthless before the truth. And the truth is, all of the historical and scientific evidence suggests the earth is billions of years old.

      But the story doesn’t end there. Christian Evidentialism is growing faster than usual, yet Christian Fundamentalism is still very much slowing down its push to the front of American Judeo-Xianity. This is why we must try to do our small part in regards to smashing the lies of the Fundie wolves in sheep’s clothing ASAP. Too many people have fallen into the pits of error thanks to these Xian Fundies having free reign without being called out publicly to defend their nonsense in any serious and meaningful way. Their young earth views are on par with others’ flat earth views. Neither are supported by any empirical evidence whatsoever.

      The main point here is: over the past couple of centuries, some new discoveries in the historical record, in addition to all the mind blowing discoveries in the hard sciences —— all clearly support the idea that the earth’s creation happened over 4.5 billion years ago. The evidence is truly so overwhelming that’s it’s not even a question if someone truly studies things like nuclear decay—— like Uranium 238 into Lead 206, red shifting galaxies, and the speed of light being a constant in a vacuum allowing accurate measurements in regards to the age of our observable universe in which our earth was created some nine billion years after the “big bang.”

      Just for kicks, if the speed of light wasn’t a constant (low information Xian Fundies seem to like this one), then, thanks to Einstein’s e=mc2 equation, the law of conservation of energy within a closed system seems to be violated. What’s worse, this second law of thermodynamics is violated without any evidence indicating such a truly radical and insane approach is allowed, much less necessary. Xian Fundie Lies can be very costly to those who are doing their best to follow the truth, no matter what. Xian Fundies do their best to fight against real Xians who care about and follow the evidence in order to learn the truth.

      I suppose the short answer(s) to your question is simple: I don’t believe the creation accounts in Genesis should be taken literally because all of the evidence demonstrates that they literally cannot be literally true. “Evidence” is the one word answer for why I understand Genesis figuratively, at least in regards to what it says about the creation of our universe, our earth, etc. If that does’t answer your question then feel free to ask a follow up question, or issue a challenge of any kind. That’s one of the primary intended purposes of this blog.

  2. Hard to argue with your answer. I have read Francis Collins book The Language of Science and Faith and it’s hard to not take it seriously. There is a lot of facts and evidence in it. Thank you for your complete answer!!

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